Solid Bluetooth Speaker with Lovely RGB Light Effects!


Hey guys, meet the most attractive RGB Bluetooth speaker that I have. Yes, SonicGear SonicPod is the star today. It is loaded with 15W total power, Bluetooth 5.0, and TWS support. And comes with a mobile app with many useful features. Does it sound great? Read on to find out…

Package Content & Design

SonicPod comes in a sturdy and well-protected package. Once taken out of the speaker, there are USB-C charging cable and a user manual. As usual, do go through it to know more about SonicPod. Excellent build quality with solid plastic housing. There is a 50mm speaker driver in the front. Surrounded by the lovely RGB lights. Another thinner ring one at the body of the body. There are 4 LED light indicators for battery life at the back. Followed by line in port, USB-C port, and power button. A tiny bass reflex port can be found there too. An anti-skid ring at the bottom provides stability. On the top, there are touch buttons for music playback control. It will auto-lock after a certain period. You need to press the power and light buttons to unlock them. Great so that you won’t touch them accidentally when carrying SonicPod here and there.

Performance Result

The Bluetooth range is great. Easily reach up to 7m+ with obstacles like a wall. Audio and video are virtually in-sync. That’s great to use for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to watch movies. Lastly, the AUX cable is there for non-Bluetooth devices.

Based on specs, SonicPod can last for 12 hours of music playback @ 50% volume. And takes around 4.5 hours to fully charge. Alright, let’s talk about the RGB lights. They are lovely! Period. Yes, it is the main selling point as part of the Signature Audio Series By SonicGear. And a mobile app – SonicGO! 2- specially designed for them. You can adjust the lighting effects and colors through the app. FM radio can be found there too. And a lot of other useful features. Explore them yourself.

A bright sound signature is what you get from SonicPod. No surprise since it is a small portable speaker after all. In short, you are getting more treble than bass. Clear and sharp treble. Bass is there but not powerful for sure. Lastly, 7.5W pure system power (RMS) is good enough if you put SonicPod close to you. Do get another one through TWS if you need more power.


  • Lovely RGB lighting effects
  • Clear & sharp sound
  • Bluetooth & FM support
  • Mobile app support
  • Excellent build quality


  • Can be louder
  • No harm to having more bass


Enjoy lovely RGB lighting effects SonicGear SonicPod all day long! Yes, spice up your life. Do get 2 units for true wireless stereo support and louder sound output too. Interested? Get yours at Lazada now.



Posted on May 24, 2021. By Jayce Ooi,

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